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6 Habits Of Effective Problem Solver Among Employees

problem solving skills for employees

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Whether it’s a customer service representative solving problems that a customer may be facing or HR manager trying to resolve a conflict between two employees. The ability to solve problems remains a critical skill that very few people possess.

However, it isn't a skill that can't be learnt. If you're part of an organization or in a position where disputing parties may look up to you, it is essential that you possess effective problem-solving skills in order to reach suitable decisions.

Considering the importance of problem solving skills in organizations, training companies in Dubai provide problem-solving and decision-making training to equip employees with this most critical skill.

Effective Problem Solving Skills

This article highlights the following habits of effective problem solver:

They think like problem solvers

The effective problem solver, when faced with a problem, will fell & think like a problem solver. When a problem strikes, it is essential to maintain a calm and positive attitude keeping emotions away from the actual situation.

By adopting a mindset that’s destined to solve problems, not only can they solve problems and come up with solutions but an open mind allows them to analyze multiple courses of actions and decide on the best one.

They are Helpful

As important position holder at your organization, people turn to you in order to solve any problems that may arise as a result of work at the organization. In the presence of an arrogant attitude, employees feel distant and a little reluctant to share their problems with you.

A higher up in the company will also need an extremely helpful attitude in order to help employees, and other entities resolve conflicts.

They are Effective listeners

Related to the helpful nature of the employees, in an attempt to understand the problems of individuals and to work with them to help them out by solving their issues, an effective problem solver will focus on what individuals have to say.

Effective problem solvers implement empathy towards their problems and listening actively with a genuine desire to solve problems of your colleagues, employees or partners.

Problems have varying characteristics and have the ability to affect each person involved differently. Listening to the problems effectively puts you in a better position to solve their problems effectively.

They are Critical thinkers

Once the problem has been understood fully, the person in authority should be able to analyze the problem effectively by applying critical thinking skills and examining evidence and words of the affected parties. Critical thinking ability allows you to take the best decisions, suitable for both, the short term and the long term.

For example, in the case of a conflict between two employees, both may be coached using different strategies for both the employees, however, after that they would be left to sort the problem on their own.

In this way employees have been empowered to work out their problems on their own, teaching them important conflict resolution techniques.

They excel in excellent verbal communication

Communication and collaboration is a critical tool for solving most business problems which is why problem solvers are encouraged to have immaculate verbal communication skills. Using their communication skills, key points in the resolution and the reasons behind their decisions can be communicated.

Verbal communication is not only an important part in-house problem. But customer services are in need of courteous verbal communication, In order to solve disputes and conflicts.

They propose and implement solutions

By observing the options that they have, problem solvers can reach a solution that is suitable for all conflicting parties. Once the solution has been accepted, effective problem solvers ensure that the decision is implemented fully.


Considering the importance of decision making, in connection with problem-solving, training experts in Dubai offer coaching that focuses on both aspects. Training provides a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach towards corporate problems and their solutions by providing employees with the skills needed to solve problems, reaching decisions and implementing them.

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