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5 Types of Sales Pitches Your Sales Force Should Know Of

types of sales pitches

According to a press release, UAE salespeople today focus too much on products and services without realizing what appeals to the customer. The fact calls for a focus on the sales pitch that salespeople use to attract customers.

A sales pitch is the first thing that your potential customers hear about when they meet you. Regardless of the way its done, at its core, a sales pitch is a way to convey what your products and services are about and why the customer should buy it.

Considering the dynamic nature of corporations today, sales pitches that were common a few years back have taken a back seat and created the way for some new tactics. In general, long, boring product focused pitches have long gone out of style. And have been replaced by some exciting styles to pitch your sales.

Various training companies offer professional sales training courses in Dubai that can allow your sales force to excel in creating the best sales pitches that suit the potential customer's requirements and desires!

Types of sales pitches your team should know

Five Types Of Sales Pitches, Your Sales Force Should Know

Here is a list of sales pitches types your salespersons should be familiar with,

The sales pitch that asks a question

It's effective when you're confident that your buyer understands the value of your product. Here is how it goes, Instead of pitching a statement, outsourcing may reduce packing costs, rephrase it into a question, would outsourcing reduce packaging costs?

The question pitch works because it allows people to come up with their reasons to believe in something and when they do they may endorse your services or product more strongly. In case your clients aren't too satisfied with your product/service, a question may add to the confusion.

The sales pitch that rhymes

Rhyming statements tend to be more acceptable by the audience. In the case that you're willing to try something new with the sales pitched, give rhyming a try. And see how it goes for you!

However, it's more effective if it's just a part of the pitch that’s in verse format. The whole message would appear a little confusing in case its all verses!

The sales pitch with one word:

Similar to something that the former President of the United States thought of. Back in the year 2012, how "one-word" pitch was the word "FORWARD."

The one–word pitch requires one word that holds the essence to your entire presentation or idea. A brand that's able to fuse the power of their brand into one word may be a hit with the consumers.

The sales pitch that speaks "Pixar."

No one likes a long boring sales pitch with dry facts and numbers that they won’t even remember! By using a story to convey your sales pitch, you may have better chances to stay stuck in people's heads.

Each creation of Pixar contains the same story at its core, and the movies always so well! All the more reason to develop a short story with your sales pitch facts. This way the audience will not only remain entertained during the story, but there is a better chance that your product will stay in their heads.

The following example from a board games company is a representation of one such pitch:

Once in a land far away, residents of Dubai struggled to find a way to keep themselves busy without technology. Every day they would sit around trying to think of a way to entertain themselves. One day an outsider met the locals…

The sales pitch that’s all about subject lines

If there’s anyone who can get subject lines crafty and attractive, is the salespeople. This technique calls for the use of that expertise and the creation of sales pitch. A strong story-line possesses three qualities that are critical; however, it's not essential to add the element of each of these qualities. The qualities include: utility, specificity, curiosity

The way to go with the subject lines sales pitch is by crafting one mysteriously intriguing and one very useful subject line. And incorporate both into one. The information based sales pitch should be kept for customers who have time constraints, and require information from your competitors too. The second sales pitch should for buyers who may have just begun the journey and have a lot of time to browse and communicate with you.

The importance of sales training and training companies

A sales pitch is merely a few sets of words put together in a strategic manner. Unless it's fused with a few attributes that could reach out into the minds of customers to make them buy the product! The art of creating and implementing the right sales pitch for the right customer may require due diligence. And a lot of training!

Organizations that aren't well prepared to produce believable and interesting sales pitches may forever find it hard to acquire the right customers in the right amounts. Institutes providing corporate training in Dubai can provide easy solutions to your sales relevant problems. They also provide information regarding the essential skills that sales teams should possess.

Take away

In case your sales force is a tad unaware of how sales are conducted, your whole sales department may suffer along with your company. It's essential to opt for the best sales training companies that not only helps create the best sales professionals for your organization but also helps strategize different pitches for different audiences.


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