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Gear Your Team for Success with Effective Performance Coaching

Performance coaching can be done to improve the performance of current employees, and also to increase the effectiveness of an already effective employee. It is a powerful coaching tool and can be used to ready organizations for a strong, efficient workforce and prepare them for future success.

According to stats, about 85% of Emirati employees aren’t engaged in their jobs. In case an employee isn't engaged in their jobs, they are bound to display poor performance in their work practices and provide ineffective performance.

To fight off an ineffective workforce in Dubai, the most reputable training institutions offer effective performance coaching courses. An investment in the right training course can help your employee workforce in the corporate world of today and ready them for the future too! Read ahead to know how performance coaching is done effectively in 6 easy steps!

Effective Performance Coaching Steps

Six steps of effective performance coaching

Your managers may be involved in coaching employees for performance, but are they doing it effectively. In the case of ineffective coaching, the effects may be non-productive. The following text provides a step by step guide on how an effective performance coaching session is conducted. Read on to know more:

1. Show confidence in employees

When solving problems make sure you show confidence in their abilities and their willingness to solve problems. Moreover, ask them to assist in problem-solving and request them to join hands with you to contribute towards other employees’ effectiveness in the organization.

2. Describe the problem

When talking about poor performances, describe in detail what the problem is so that the employees know what's not working for the organization and which areas need improvement.

Also, when describing the problem, focus on the problem and on the behavior that needs to be improved. It's essential to not focus on the employee when describing problems. To ensure an in-depth understanding of the problem, share examples to ensure clarity in meaning.

3. Identify the cause of problems

Time, training, temperament and tools, are the common factors contributing towards the lack of performance. Make sure to work with the employee to determine what may be causing the lack in their performance.

It is important also to work with your employee and remove the barriers and devise strategies to help them to remove the barriers, which happens to be a critical role for managers.

4. Discuss solutions with employees

Once identified, talk about solutions or alternative methods to help solve problems. Discuss with the employee how you should be addressing the issue, or prevent recurrence. You could also talk to other successful employees and mentor the employees about improvement.

5. Put everything in writing

Compile a written action plan that lists in detail what the managers, the HR personnel and the employees will do to correct not only correct the problem but also ensure that the situation isn't repeated.

Also, identify the core aims and objectives of the organization which employees must focus on when they think about increasing their performance levels.

6. Arrange a feedback session

Once everything‘s written down, set up, a time and a date for a feedback session. In case the employee needs critical feedback, incorporate that into the future meetings too. Ending the session with on a positive note is essential. Encourage the ensure them that you are confident about their abilities and that improvements are in their hands.


Performance coaching and management is an essential tool that not only helps employees improve their performance but also gears them up for future success. But the implementation of this tool itself requires training from experts.

To learn how to coach your employees and ready them for success, opt for professional companies offering top-notch training courses in Dubai. Well, reputed firms provide a wide range of courses your organization can benefit from. If you're learning from the best, you're bound to implement the best practices too!

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