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How To Measure The Effectiveness Of The Corporate Training?

measuring training effectiveness

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There is so much focus on the development of the employees that organizations and business have specific departments dedicated to training and development.

This indicates companies care about training and they are aware that it can actually boost the business, enhancing the employee skills and result in a more favorable environment.

Having said that training and development programs need a lot of investments!

Yes, that is true! Companies spend a considerable amount just for the employee training and skill development.

Without any doubt firms in Dubai are spending their precious time and money to get their workforce the right skills to compete in the market.

So here comes the million dollars question are the employees actually learning from all these corporate training courses in Dubai?

Well, there is no hard and fast answer to that because you can never know how much employees have learnt.

Learning is subjective, but there are different ways you can say whether the training was effective or not.

Different models have been developed to measure the effectiveness of the training programs happening all around. This article will consider the Kirk-Patrick Model to understand the ways in which effectiveness will be measured.

The Kirk-Patrick Model is a four-step model for the effectiveness measurement, and each of the steps is discussed below:


This is the first step which observes the response of the learners.

In this step, usually, the responses of the learner to training are measured using the discussion and feedback methods.

For example, to find out the whether the content of the training fits the need of the employees or the industry check how interested participants are during the activities.

If their learning styles are matching with the training program, then you are right on track.


This is the second step which will measure on the amount of knowledge participants have gained.

You need to go for the standardized tests for assessment such as test scores or the course completion assessment.

What you can do is take a test at the start of the program and then take one at the end. Having both the results you can check if the whole effort was effective or not.

Behavior :

Here comes the third level of the Kirk-Patrick Model which is the behavior of the employees.

In this phase what you are going to do is see how the trainees are implementing the information and knowledge gained from the coaching into their attitude and performance at the workplace.

It is not a one day process, but rather you need to give them time to see their implementation of learning in the workplace.

Take the feedback from supervisors, peers and even the other staff to see if there is an actual change in the employee.


This brings us to the last level which is all about understanding the difference in work, behavior and productivity of the employee before and after the program.

If the employees are aware of their growth, then it will improve their morale, leading to a positive environment in the workplace.


Finally, the main purpose of the corporate training in Dubai is the growth and development of the employees and company. If you can see that happening, then your training is effective in all possible ways.

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