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How Can You Upgrade The Capabilities Of Your Sales Workforce?

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What do you think of a salesperson or someone who is in sales industry?

Like me, you would imagine someone who is in sales industry should have the convincing power. It is not easy to sell something on the term you would want to sell. It should be someone who is smooth talk and would convince you in a way that you would buy the product that you do not need, and you might not even use.

Selling is an art and would need several skills and time to master this art. These skills of listening and convincing are developed through rigorous training techniques and training workshops.

If you are someone who is managing a sales team and need to enhance their learning, then this article is specifically for you. With some of these tips and tricks, you can enhance the capabilities of your sales workforce.


One of latest way to educate your team and keep them up with the latest trends regarding your products is E-LEARNING. When you are living in Gulf countries, sales training Dubai can assist better in this regard.

Also, your teams need to know its and bits of your product. If they do not know comprehensively about your product, then it is going to fall short for your company.

How Can You Upgrade The Capabilities Of Your Sales Workforce

What sales manager can do is provide E-Learning regarding

  • The basics of the product
  • About the market trends
  • What works in the market?
  • The latest update in the product

By why would you need E-Learning instead of the workshop? This is because your team is continuously traveling; trying to find the customers and even when they are not traveling everyone cannot attend the workshops, so E-Learning comes handy.

With online workshops and online learning resources, they can learn on the go.


One of the things which can motivate anyone on this planet is REWARD. Being appreciated is one of the best feelings in the world. It helps people work harder than ever, put more efforts to make it work. As it is rightly said,

It is the Things We Work Hardest for That Will Reward Us the Most’—Anonymous

The sales job is a target based job, and when the rewards are worth fighting for then, it will build a healthy competition for people. Let your team know that they are doing a good job, appreciate them in public and front of other departments.

Reward your Employees

Consider yourself in the place of a salesperson, if you have worked whole hard day to crack a good deal and at the end of the day you get to hear that you have not done enough would you work as hard tomorrow as you did today? Obviously not!

Appreciate employees more often for the work they do. IgniteTraining emphasizes to employ this technique because it will work wonders for you.

Training and constructive feedback

Most of the salespeople are working in the field, so it is essential they are provided sufficient training for the field. What can help make the provided training successful is constructive feedback to the respective person?

Employees Training

For example, when a person is working in the field or dealing with the perspective person, then the different people are going to react differently. At that time constructive feedback will play a role and would help people deal with the customer's betters.

Managers of sales team monitor the work of the salesperson like they monitor the calls, review their sales techniques, check their online conversation and lastly analyze their performance to provide a review update. Forgiving the constructive feedback what a good manager does is they follow this quote strictly which is

Sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise

In layman term, constructive feedback is bitter things are sugar coated.

Give Feedback

Encouragement has a direct impact the employees’ performance, so it needs to be ensured that employees are encouraged right after every few weeks.

Final Remarks-

he job of the salesperson is challenging, and it requires a great deal of patience and commitment. As a manager of your sales workforce, it is your job to help the sales people upgrade their skills by providing training and E-Learning resources but also let them know their work is appreciated.

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